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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Japanese Jujutsu ?



Should you do Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Japanese Jiu-jitsu?

That's the BJJ related question I was asked recently by Martin who's interested in the two for self defense training.

But what I think should really be asked is what makes a martial art effective and what makes a martial art ineffective?

A lot of people think it’s the techniques that separate one martial art from another.

Which is partly true. Striking techniques, Grappling techniques and chi based techniques are all very different.

But the most important part of effectiveness when it comes to a martial art is the training methodology.

More specifically, live training. Using the techniques against fully resisting opponents.

This is one of the characteristics of Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, etc that make them so effective.

In most cases, from what I’ve seen, Japanese Jujutsu is practiced in a more controlled manner with little to no live sparring.

This is just simply not an effective way to properly learn how to use a technique in a self-defense situation. Because a fight outside the gym isn’t controlled or choreographed. It’s intense, scary, exhausting and chaotic.

And while live training may not exactly mimic a fight on the street exactly. It will expose you to the stimulus of a fight situation and allow you the mechanism by which to deal with the unpredictability of a fight outside the gym.

Think of it this way. Anyone can hit a heavy bag. But the minute they start actually boxing against a person who is hitting back. Everything changes and many times people look very sloppy until they get familiar with the feeling of the stress that is presented by their opponent.

Even think about lifting. You might be able to lift the bar on a bench press. But then if we put on 315lbs. Your form might slack and you may not be able to lift it. To get to the point where we can move it. We expose ourselves to gradually increasing forms of resistance.

So no matter what martial art you decide to focus on, whether its Japanese Jujutsu or Brazilian Jiujitsu. Training live is a necessity to making the techniques usable in a real situation.

I hope this video was helpful to you!


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